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This is cheating a bit as I work with the Anglo Saxon runes, so I use Ger instead of Jera but Jera is how this rune is commonly known, the twelfth in the runic alphabet.  It means a good year, Season, Harvest.  <

The Anglo Saxon rune poem states "Year is the hope of men when god lets the holy kingdom let go of its fruits."

Harvest time is the most important time for our ancestors. They have tilled the soil and allowed nature to unfold. The crops are strong and ripe. The year was calculated on a seasonal or yearly basis and embodies the mysteries of the cyclical nature of life and wyrd.

Jera charts how we change and transform through different periods of our life. It is the spiral journey of self knowledge, like the journey of the rune, our learning goes on for ever. Jera shows us the holistic  nature of the universe.

Jera shows us the importance of our actions. You shall reap what you sow. Our actions along the web will shape wyrd and change how things flow. It is also the rune of optimism looking to the future, where the god allows the earth mother to give up her bounty.

Magical Uses of Jera:
- Help bring a project to a positive outcome;
- Achievement and enthusiasm;
- Plan forward towards final outcome;
- Can help in learning other runes;
- Understanding what we want to achieve;
- Instil patience;
- Help see larger picture;
- Help in divination;
- See underlying structure of a situation and know when to act.

- Write a list of projects or plans you'd like to accomplish;
- Become aware of the seasons around you;
- Take a walk in the full moon;
- Go through your wardrobe or music collection and see how your tastes have changed;
- Create a harvest harrow (altar) or harrow of the cycles, possibly to the god Frey.
- Try and go naturally through the day without clocks.

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