Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Jotunheim is the "home of the Jotun" is the realm of the giants, the Jotun, who are a kind of primal giant. It is the counter balance to the realm of Vanaheim, the home of the Vanir - the ancestral home of the Vanir gods, the ancient gods and goddesses of the natural world, of fertility and of human sexuality and is the realm of of evolutive power and organic growth, where there is no decay or death. All is fertile, prosperous and abundant. In Jotunheim there is constant change. The vital power of Jotunheim is that of dissolution or of break down of form to its base elements and the inhabitants of this realm seek to change anything that they come across.

The realm of Jotunheim should not be viewed from a moralistic perspective; it is a necessary force within the natural realm. It is only when the force of dissolution is placed out of its natural bounds that it becomes a danger to life. In its balanced form it is an intrinsic quality of physical existence, without this force nothing would ever change or evolve to more advanced and intricate forms.

Raw untamed primal forces of nature, steep rocky valleys, high mountain ranges, snow covered land, unstable extremes of climate, barren fields of rock and stone, impenetrable rocky faces and wild turbulent seas are all typical of the appearance of Jotunheim.

We heathens believe that it is the interplay of the energy from Jotunheim with that of Vanaheim upon the physical reality of Midgard (the world upon which we live) that creates the constant cycle of evolution, of birth, life death and rebirth.  All coming together brings the balance of the elements and also the clash of the elements when needed.

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