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As I'm a week behind with my blogging I thought I'd do two together to bring me up to date and I thought if I chose two runes beginning with 'I' that might make it flow better. Isa and Inguz are both powerful runes for me and I often wear a bindrune of the two symbols.


ISA was the inevitable rune to be chosen as it's also shaped like the letter I. In Anglo Saxon it is IS, in the Younger Futhark it is ISS. All meaning Ice, the time of severe cold and darkness. It is one of two runes of creation. It is containment, introspection, introversion, stillness and preservation.

In the Anglo Saxon rune poem is says "Ice is very cold and exceedingly slippy. The Icelandic power reads "Ice is the rind of the river... danger for fey men."

Isa is a particularly powerful rune in the northern hemisphere. We have had Hagalaz for disruption and Nyd for need. ISA is the instinctive response to the the arrival of wintertime, of hibernation. We go from focussing on the outside to focus on thing inside. This leads to transformation

It is the preserving of the old ways and traditions - even in Christian teachings the old ways are preserved.  Art, Photography etc area also a visual preservation for the future and thus an expression of ISA.

ISA stops. It stops evolutive and dissolutive forces equally evolving and disintegrating. It is the power of the law to keep things in its place, the ability to hold society together, the power to maintain order. 

It is the I in I AM, the sense of personality and self, what constitutes the self. It can help us maintain our sense of stability when all around is disintegrating into chaos. It brings the power to enable clarity of though (like the Hermit in the Tarot).

When we are stuck in a rut and there is the inability to see any other viewpoint than our own, ISA helps us out of that rut.

ISA also is for slowing down the pace, chilling out, destressing at work.

Magical uses of Isa

- Freezes all forms of magic instantly;
- Stills the mind;
- Binds others;
- Controls actions of others;
- Refocusses mind when journeying;
- Halts unwanted actions;
- Curse others;
- Strengthen self esteem;
- Stop relationships falling apart;
- Control bad weather.

Healing Uses of Isa

- Halt progress of illness;
- Calm down, hyperactivity;
- Reduce fever;
- Strengthen muscles in body;
- Reduce high blood pressure;

Some possible tasks to do with ISA

- Write down everything that makes you a unique individual. Put a rune against each one and make a bind rune.
- Take up a winter sport.
- Holiday in a cold country (come to England!).
- Take part in an archaeology event.
- Write a short essay on your life.
- Create a timeline of your life with pictures of yourself or make a short video about yourself;
- Take more photos.


The shape of Inguz is two X's, one on top of each other.   Key concepts are replication, creation, inner-child, wholeness, symmetry, isolation, incubation, gestation, seed.

INGUZ represents a simple, but complex idea, that of the seed. Inguz points to the cosmic law that governs the essential creativity inherent to the fabric of existence.

INGUZ is in our language today. We use 'ing' when we speak of 'doing', 'sitting', 'running' , active processes. Adopting the secrets of INGUZ allows us to focus on the process. With regards the generation of ideas it helps us in the doing following the thinking.

INGUZ is the very process by which creation occurs, including the incubation and gestation of the seed, its germination and subsequent development and growth. When the process has come to a peak, the being generated by the seed in turn actively produces new seeds. In time this could change the shape of the world around us and the universe.

Harnassing the energies of INGUZ for our purposes requires that we become conscious of the ways in which a small seed can be planted in the right environment, or nurtured into a powerful new mode of being. We open up room for INGUZ energy through the deliberate act of creating time and space for ourselves and for th people and events we wish to effect.

So INGUZ unlocks the energy of continuation and generation but also the magic of discovering the very essence of a thing, the simple algorithm that will most ensure its spread and growth into the universe. It is the cosmic law of the minutely small and its symmetry with the infinitely large.

In this way INGUZ is a rune of wholeness. When we summon up INGUZ as energy and understand its teachings, it signals the integration of the physical, emotionsl, mental and spiritual into one centred being, that of our inner child self, the being most aligned with rampant creativity and originality.

So go play and go create!


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