Friday, 6 January 2012

A is for ...

To start 2012 I will attempt to keep to the Pagan Blog project rules of working through the alphabet each week. So A. Many heathens consider themselves as adherents of Asatru, particularly in the US. But I just consider myself as a heathen. I honour all the gods and goddesses, the Aesir and the Vanir and the other and older gads whose names are long forgotten, I practise Seidr, Northern European shamanism. I belong to a hearth. We drum, journey to the nine worlds, chant the runes, do rune magic and divination (galdr) stand the shape of the runes (stadrgaldr) and welcome the gods, goddesses, ancestors and wights of the land. My resolution for this coming year is to do more, to make more of a connection with the gods and goddesses of the northern tribes and to landscape upon which I currently live. I love my path. I look forward to sharing this journey.


  1. Hi from someone else who just calls themselves Heathen. I'm no Icelandic in heritage which is why I originally never used the term. Now I follow it more as a cultural/ethical path as I'm have a bit of confusion regarding my views on deity.

    I look forward to seeing your up coming posts. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing with us about your pathway. I have never heard about your pathway before so I will be following your blog learning a great deal from you.

    Blessed Be xx

  3. What a really interesting path, it's not something I've heard of so I really look forward to hearing more about it